Watch this space! We have 8 pups!

Molly has now been nesting in her whelping box and has been panting for quite a while now.

The first stage of labour can take up some time! so there may not be any news for a while, but as soon as I can update I will!

Molly has been panting and nesting since 9pm.  The first puppy has been born (9th March) at 2.12am – a yellow boy!  Well done Molly!  Puppy feeding well.

More when I can!  He is gorgeous!!!!! Weighs 15.4oz


1) yellow boy 15.4oz born at 2.12am
2) black boy 1lb 0.8oz born 4.12am
3) yellow girl 13.4oz born at 4.18am
4) yellow girl 1lb 0.8oz born at 4.25am
5) yellow boy 14.7oz born at 4.53am
6) yellow girl 15.2oz born at 5.12am
7) black boy 1lb 0.3oz born at 6.11am
8.) black girl 1lb 0.8oz born at 6.25am

We had a bit of a worry when we were waiting for pup number two as there was such a long gap so we took Molly for a walk – as soon as went through the front door she gave birth to the second pup, he was born straight into my hands!

Molly has been brilliant throughout and is settled with her puppies right now.

I am sure you will agree they are gorgeous puppies!  I will update the gallery as soon as I can!

A Happy Mummy with her puppies! Well done Molly