Stay means stay!

I am spending alot of time ensuring my dogs are doing what I ask of them and giving them positive reinforcement if they dont do quite what I ask, then I start again by putting them back to the very start of the training method.

Currently I am laying trails for the dogs to find balls and they have to find the ball.  Whilst Im setting the trail they have to sit and wait.  They are pre-empting the release so I need to do more work on that.  Although I am still very happy they can wait at least five minutes whilst I put out the trail.

They are sit/staying very well indeed and I am very proud to say I can get them doing the 1 in 5 recall whereby I can call them individually to sit at my feet whilst the others have to remain until called.

Im now also working on sitting at the start of the walk.  This creates a situation in as much they are desperate for their walk but they know they have to stay or I will just start again!  So today I was able to get a photo of them waiting patiently for their walk to begin.  What good dogs!  This is something I didnt think we would achieve as they are so keen for their walk.  But if they can do this (which they can) then clearly they can do anything!  The sky’s the limit! :0) 

Can we go yet? can we...the path....its just there....come on!

Melvin catches on really quickly and im very proud of how he is.  He has his moments of being crazy with Stanley but when it comes to his response with us, the question of is he “in” to his owners – quite frankly YES.  Which I am thrilled about as this is half the battle.

Having bumped into a nice chap who works his dog, we had a lovely chat and he gave me a couple of tips.  He commented that he thought the dogs were steady, which is nice thing to say about the woofs!

waiting at the top of the steps (Molly Melvin, Stanley, Archie and Charlie)


I have gone across the bridge and the woofs are still at the top of the steps! GOOD DOGS!!