The dogs go to school!

Today I felt so very proud of my dogs.  I had collected Katherine from school and was walking out of the school grounds to see a sight that is familiar to me but not at the school grounds.  My five dogs were all sitting waiting for us to appear.  My husband had walked them from the park and decided to meet us at the school gates.  It was quite something to see five dogs being so well behaved with lots of children rushing up to them and people walking past.  It was one of those moments that you bookmark as “something you dont see every day”,  I know my dogs are well behaved but to see them at the school bought it home loud and clear how special my dogs are.  Ordinarily you would probably see perhaps two or three dogs going quite barmy at the end of the lead, with the owner struggling to get them all to behave themselves with so much going on.  A proud moment for my Marchstone gang.  Shame I didnt have my camera with me! 

All the children loved Melvin (he is a natural star that boy!) and Stanley wanted some of the action so he put on his cute little boy face!

Well done doggies!