One of our pups has been to visit !

What a lovely afternoon I have had in seeing one of Molly’s pups, Melvin’s sister “Amber” 

Amber has developed into a beautiful looking dog, her body shape is just right and her behaviour is outstanding.  She came into the house very confidently.  Not at all bothered by seeing lots of dogs all at once.  She played with Melvin and occassionaly had a few toys or bones which Molly decided she would take back (mothers rights and all that!). 

It makes me feel so happy to see how she is, how proud her owners are of her and generally what a great little pup she is.    I feel chuffed to bits knowing this pup is doing so well.  She is a fine example of a well trained dog. 

Amber (she takes after her mother - Molly)

Amber with her brother Melvin

Seeing Amber this afternoon makes everything fall into place, knowing that one of our puppy’s is in such great condition and happy makes it the complete picture for me.