4 weeks old

We are now half way in with having our beautiful puppies! They are such sweet adorable pups.

Yesterday they were 4 weeks old – we celebrated this milestone with a weighing and clipping of the claws.

Clipping claws is an intricate business as the claws are so very tiny that you don’t want to accidentally clip the claw too short or worse harm the pup through being over zealous with the nail clippers. Often people who breed puppies have no idea that the claws should be clipped regularly. This is now the third time they have been clipped!

Weights (Pups in order of birth). (BW – Birthweight)

Miss Orange (BW) 330g is now 2780g

Miss Pink (BW) 422g is now 3090g

Miss Red (BW) 346g is now 2780g

Miss Purple (BW) 306g is now 2780g

Miss Yellow (BW) 378g is now 3030g

Mr Blue (BW) 388g is now 2930g

In order of heaviest at birth compared to weights now.

1)Pink 1) Pink 3090
2)Blue 2) Yellow 3030 (60g less than pink)
3)Yellow 3) Blue 2930 (100g less than yellow)
4)Red 4) Red
5)Orange 4) Orange
6)Purple 4) Purple

I am pleased the litter is so balanced there is little between them all at this stage! With the bottom 3 weights now being of equal weights!

A “few” videos over the past few days…..some proper smashers in amongst these!

Wilma’s job is to administer kisses! She takes on this challenge throughout the day and smashes it!

You have to watch this puppies, they have the bite of a lion!

Miss Red steals the show!

Puppy playtime in the garden

Going on a puppy walk (no harness required!) (Recall commands of pup pup pup or puppy puppy puppy or puppity puppity puppity – all work!!)

Little Miss Red

Puppy Playtime part 1

Puppy Playtime part 2

and saving the best till last!!!!! Im not giving it away with the title!!!!!

I have added photos to the Tilly’s Puppies 2022 photo gallery, here are a couple of my favourites!