Little Update

Everything is going well with the puppies. They are on 4 meals a day and have progressed from the porridge mixture (soaked kibble) which has been blended to having kibble that is soaked and is like little sponges. This will help take the strain off Tilly now. Tilly has been amazing as she is still feeding them even though you can tell she cant cope with them when they are ravenous.

Toilet training is also going exceedingly well!!! All poos have been outside today! YES! We are getting them out regularly so approximately 80% of the wees are also outside.

The puppies are learning how to play with the toys we have given them. They like to hold toys and yomp on them. Learning how to play with a ball is exquisite!

A few videos!!!

Roll call

Going on a puppy walk

Been out drinking… Know how to party – could they handle it? look worse for wear now!

Mumma Milk Tilly is so tired bless her

Next stage of Weaning

oh and a new article from me, Ode to a dog breeder! A small insight to consider the meaning of time. People often think they might like to have a litter of pups – it isnt a case of cuddling them all day long. There is a lot to it and fundamentally time is a massive factor in how well you cope! So many things to consider, finances, resources, welfare, health tests, research and having a mentor all BEFORE you even consider a mating.