The Newborns

When you are responsible for newborns you have to make various checks, daily, to ensure everything is going well.

So along with checking their weight twice a day, I also monitor their umbilical chords and belly buttons. The umbilical cords dry up and will drop off. It is unusual for them to have problems but you must always keep an eye out for any signs of infection such as oozing serous fluid (clear), pus or redness of the skin.

With any animal in my care I monitor the poos. It is important to know what the poos are like as this gives you valuable information that everything is working ok – I check for colour and consistency. Currently I dont get to see them as Tilly is doing such a great job at keeping the puppies clean, but the moment it becomes my job to clean up then I will be making mental notes as to how they are.

i observe the puppies vital signs – pink gums, what their breathing is like and how healthy their coat appears.

Meanwhile the puppies are just cute little bundles of squeaks. I will be taking some better photos tomorrow!

Tilly has to have a vast amount of food to keep up with the demands made on her for feeding her puppies so she is enjoying 4 meals a day, nutriplus gel and cheese! I think she is rather enjoying the special attention she is getting!