3 days old



(Please click on the links to watch some short videos!)

The puppies are all putting on weight really well. I have had to adjust their collars – this is something I have to keep an eye on at least twice a day as they are growing so quickly. They have all lost their little umbilical cords now (most of them fell off yesterday).

They have been “paddling” around the whelping box, building strength in their legs. One of my favourite developmental stages is watching them learn how to walk. Those tottering steps are so special to watch. That I, as their breeder feel immense pride to witness this firsthand, cant wait!

Today we had a development whereby Tilly felt relaxed enough to allow Wilma (the puppies big sister) and Maggie (Nonna) to look at the pups. What strikes me is that Wilma knew her mum was going to be ok about it and was very respectful towards her mum when she sniffed the puppies. (I hope she remains respectful and doesn’t push the boundaries!)

We are always guided by Mum as to whether the other dogs can be around her as she mustn’t get stressed out. Stanley and Melvin so far have not even looked at the whelping box, let alone looking inside it! Lucy, surprisingly has stayed away.