Tilly’s Tots have arrived!

The puppies were due to arrive on Monday, so when Tilly was showing signs of being in labour on Saturday at 4pm, we were a little bit surprised that the first stage labour was for only an hour as it is usually 12 to 24hrs.

Our first puppy arrived at 5.10pm, with the last puppy arriving at 7.30pm. Tilly did incredibly well.

We make sure she is given glucose throughout the labour, fluids and also food. It is so important to ensure the glucose levels are kept up. I do not give any calcium until AFTER the first puppy is born (NEVER ever before).

We have five bitches and one dog puppy. They are all healthy and doing well. They have gained weight over night. I will be monitoring their weight throughout their time with me. In the first three weeks I usually weigh twice a day. By keeping on top of recording their weight gains I can also identify if there is an issue with any of the pups, I will know straightaway if there is a problem that I have to act on promptly.

I will be sleeping next to the whelping box for at least two weeks if not three weeks. I have been known to stay with the pups for four weeks so I will play it by ear!

Orange Collar Girl Puppy – 17.10pm 330g

(33 minutes gap between puppies…)

Pink Collar Girl Puppy – 17.43pm 422g

(29 minutes gap…)

Red Collar Girl Puppy – 18.12pm 346g

(19 minutes gap…)

Purple Collar Girl Puppy – 18.31pm 306g

(28 minutes gap…)

Yellow Collar Girl Puppy – 18.59pm 378g

(33 minute gap…)

Dark Blue Collar Boy Puppy – – 19.32pm 338g