Busy puppies

We have had a very busy few days, lots of photos and videos have been taken.

A nod to my friends wedding on Saturday….

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The puppies are now asking to go out into the garden for a wee.  I feel so proud when they go to the patio door and do a little bark to ask to go out.  A great step in the right direction for positive toilet training. They obviously will still have accidents however their association with the garden and using it to go to the toilet is now sticking in their minds rather than automatically going wherever they happen to be.  Clearly they have some way to go – but I am really pleased with the progress they have made.

Katherine and I have taken four of the six puppies for a little trip around the block.  We carry them so they can experience seeing the bigger outdoors in the safety of our arms.  We do aim to do this with all of the puppies at least twice before they go – if we can do three trips with the pups… then we will try!

This week is a busy week for us, I have puppy packs to complete, worming on Wednesday, microchipping them at the weekend, then next monday they will be having their vaccinations.

I have updated the puppies gallery

We have had quite a few sessions where Granny has been part of playtime which is just smashing.  I love seeing all of them together, here is a video of Molly enjoying her grandchildren:- Granny playing with the puppies

Puppies trying to say hello to their mum

Larking about in the garden

Chase me Charlie

Dressed for a wedding a friend of mine got married on Saturday so for a little bit of fun, I put bow ties on the pups.  Colour coded so you can see who is who!