A typical day with the puppies!

The puppies are just fabulous – they are now moving faster than ever, getting under our feet very easily.  We have a variety of barricades so that we can keep them safe so we can then move in and out of the living room, or from the utility room to the garden.  This involves me having to be agile (ha ha) as I “nip” over the various hurdles we have constructed.  As a result of this newly found energy and speed from the puppies,  I am finding it harder to get the photos and the videos as they rush around my feet.

If you can picture the scene at 7am.  With the help of hubby, the pups are put outside for the first wee’s of the day….. its feed time.   A tired “older” lady who used to be fit, “nipping” over the barricade whilst carefully placing her feet the other side with the “step and slide manoeuvre” (this is actually a sliding step so you are not putting pressure in any one place on the floor!) so as to avoid stepping on a puppy, but also maintaining her balance and continuing to hold the feed bowls aloft and the jug of warm milk…..whilst… the puppies maintain a high level of excitement that their dinner is coming…soon…now!!! WOW this is exciting. The puppies are bouncing around all over the place at my feet.  This older lady then has to figure out as quickly as possible where to place the bowls and get these cute little guys fed …..AND FAST!  The next task is to manage getting the milk dispensed into the bowls without pouring it all over them!  What always makes me smile is how they are so excited for the food but they NEVER actually look at what they are doing, so they will stand in the bowls whilst I attempt to pour their milk in!  After they have eaten I then pick up the bowls – SIMPLE?! In theory this easy task would be completed without any bother however, when you have six puppies hanging off your shoes and your trousers (invariably still in my PJ’s) it is almost impossible to move.   I attempt to make it to the barricade in one piece, I have to gather momentum to “leap” over the top ….. don’t be daft, Im not leaping anywhere….. I manage to get back to the safety of the other side with some effort.  AND BREATHE!

I love my puppies very much – the 7am routine is the craziest time as we need to get them out for a wee as quick as we can, then feed them.  They are super little puppies and in the main the toilet training is going very well.  If we could get them all out quick enough in the morning I think we would have a fairly dry pen.

The puppies have playtime after every meal and then will eventually have a sleep when their tummies feel nice and full.

The feed routine is repeated a further three times a day.  With wee breaks in-between whiles and also playtime scheduled in.  I keep a log of mealtimes for both the pups and Maggie.  Particularly with Maggie having such high demands currently.  Maggie’s dietary requirements are managed by staggering the mealtimes and alternating the additions to her kibble.  I have been continuing to give her the kibble, two tins of sardines a day, 2 lots of scrambled eggs, 2 big chunks of cheese, supplements and now… starting from today some rice pudding (hoping this will help).  Maggie is loving being on her post whelp diet!  The pups have the four meals a day and goats milk twice a day.  (slightly more simple to keep a log of!).

Our day is pretty much full on for both the puppies and the other residents at Marchstone house.

Here are todays videos :-

Makes my heart soar to see Maggie with her puppies and Granny with Mr Blue.  Seeing three generations together makes my heart melt, this for a breeder is bliss, a sense of accomplishment.

Six puppies in the garden

Chase me Charlie! (Such fun!!)

Puppy chaos in my living room!! (Pure Joy!)

Photo gallery updated.