16 days old

The puppies are putting plenty of practise in with their walking skills.  It is lovely to see them striding along then toppling over, it is almost as though they don’t know how to stop yet!

They are enjoying sitting up and looking around.  We are seeing a few of them wagging their tails which is so sweet.  The puppies have little dreams when they are asleep – presumably dreaming of rabbits or ducks as it is in their breeding to retrieve them!

All of the puppies eyes are now completely open, so I will need to be careful for only another day or so longer to protect their eyes from the flash of the camera.

I wonder what they think of their new surroundings, they seem to be looking at everything with wonder!

We have had another lovely family come to view the puppies.  I couldn’t be happier to entrust my sweet puppies to the families who have come so far!   I am getting to hear some wonderful name choices too!  I am loving one from today in particular, (I wont mention it here without checking with the family first!!).  I have found a name that suits Mr Red – and that is “Raymond”.  So that leaves me Mr Yellow.  His name will come to me in time!

We have been cuddling them today and have discovered they do like to be sung to!  How sweet is that!!!  It seems to soothe them to sleep!

Here is a video from today

Tottering tiny tots!