awwww my puppies are so wonderful!

DSC_0848The puppies are developing before my eyes!  They are putting into practice walking as much as they can between feeding and sleeping.  They are also able to sit up…supporting their heads whilst they are laying down.  They are wagging their tails (AWWWWWW) and just generally are being amazing!  I considered getting them into a sit stay as several are sitting really lovely… but felt there was a chance I might have been doing dog training just a little early!

As part of the milestones – I hadn’t mentioned that they are now able to wee and poo without the stimulation from Maggie.

I am so pleased to see how they are progressing.

A slight alteration to Mr Oranges name – Jorge.  To be in keeping with our Marchstone Minions!

I have added photos to the gallery

Here are a few videos :

Mr Yellow Wags his tail

Mr Yellow CUTE!

Mr Purple Wags his tail

Mr Orange wags his tail

The Big Race!