The puppies have had fun today!

The pups have stepped up a gear, they are now rather fast!  We have had a smashing day playing in the garden which then ended up with four puppies falling asleep in my cardigan.  It is so sweet they slide into my cardigan and find their way to the back and snuggle up with each other!

They have also had playtime indoors.  Melvin adores his little brothers and sisters as he is now playing even more with them.  The puppies are getting used to how Melvin is playing and creeping up to him to have a chew on his tail!

Here is a little video clip of my puddings “up a gear” in speed!

Photos have been added to the gallery!  (lots!!!)

Toilet training is coming on well!  We are trying to focus on getting them out as often as we can – which is of benefit to the puppy and  the owner.

Tomorrow is worming day – so hopefully it will pass by uneventfully!