Melvin should be called Tigger!

As Tiggers go BOUNCE! 

I have had a really special day with my gang.  As normal working on training them and enjoying them having plenty of fun on a walk.    Melvin got to play with Penny and they had a great time playing chase.  Melvin flying across the fallen tree trunks effortlessly, he is a streamlined leaping gazelle that comes in the form of a very special Labrador Retriever!   

I walked Melvin with his sister Bunty, they had a great time whirling around in a mass of playful leaps and bounds!  I took an opportunity to also do some training with Bunty whilst Melvin was having a bit of a sniff about some bushes.  I looked up to see my Labrador “Tiggeretriever” leaping in one bound nearly clearing a six foot fence in one go.  His head had cleared the fence line with ease, his forepaws were over the top of the fence and he was attempting to scale the rest of the fence by pushing himself up with his back legs.  Bless him I was shocked and astonished to see such a feat!

Whatta boy – he must have invisible springs on his feet OR he quite simply has it in his genes and takes after his Mother and Father as both of his parents are incredibly agile dogs!

Molly in action!

I really love this dog, Melvin is supremely wicked!  My little ray of sunshine!