A few words from the breeder…

We took the puppies to the vets on Wednesday – their first experience of being in a car was in our 39 year old VW Camper Van.  They arrived in style (or is that nostalgia?!). They behaved beautifully at the vets whilst they were chipped, vaccinated and weighed.

The part I hate most in rearing my beautiful puppies is the day they go to their new homes.  I know I cannot possibly keep them as that would be madness.  I know all the new owners meet the standard I require – so why do I find it so hard?  Namely because I break the rule that every good breeder makes (and breaks).  It would make life so much easier if I hadnt of bonded with them.  If I hadnt of put every ounce of my emotion into them then I could hand them over easily.  However it is not how I do things.  These puppies in my heart are mine.  Emotionally I have to try and detach myself from them but I find this an impossibility. How could I NOT fall in love with these adoreable crazy puppies?

I wish all of my pups a very happy life and I sincerely hope that their owners humour my emotional needs with updates of their progress.

A huge thanks to Rachel – who has already sent me a photo of the wonderful boy Sam – our first born.  (I will attach his photo shortly!)  it helps me enormously knowing how they are doing.

We are keeping one pup for an extra week, then we will be left with Melvin – so we can concentrate on his upbringing, training.  I will be continuing a diary of Melvin’s progress nad no doubt his naughtiness!