Updates on Pups in their new homes

I have heard from all my puppy buyers and all of Molly’s wonderful special pups are settling in to their new homes.  A couple of them are being a little noisy at night so I hope they settle in soon and are not missing their mum and siblings….maybe they need the puppy carer Katherine to visit!  I have received quite a few photos so thank you so much – I am going to set up a gallery for the pups pictures. 

Anyone who has a puppy from me I hope knows they can come to me to ask anything at all. 

I will be using the diary to help the new owners remember when worming schedule is (tomorrow!!!!) and the vaccination is due next wednesday for most, apart from Rocky.  I will also giving details of feeding quantities that I am giving Melvin so it will help keep everyone up to date.  Melvin is currently on 35g 4x times daily and doing really well a very bonny pup.  I have advised for Rocky and Sam to go up to 40g as they are bigger than the rest.  So keep an eye on how they manage with this increases.  If you feel it is not suiting them then go down a couple of grams or so.