8 weeks have gone in a blur of pups whizzing around my living room!

Just a small update – things are drawing to a close now…. so today I have started the next phase of their socialisation, by taking them all individually out for a stroll around the block.  Obviously I was carrying the puppies whilst I broadened their world.    They enjoyed taking in the sights of the woods.  The pups also experienced hearing cars as they drove past.  The pups are having their first vaccination tomorrow.  Then Thursday brings our first day of a puppy leaving the nest.

The pups have been a huge part of the family they are currently sitting in a big ball of puppys on our sitting room floor (all apart from Melvin who is on the sofa!).  It will be so quiet in this house when they have gone.  (who am I trying to kid?  this house has never been quiet!!!)  We will be able to concentrate on our newest addition and enjoy his puppyhood.

The toilet training is going so well.  I am chuffed to bits, we have had approx 5 poos in the house since they were 3 weeks old.  We have had several wee’s BUT progress is definitely being made as we have had 6 DRY nights in their little box (or pot as I call it).  and not only that but several puppies are asking to go out by standing at the door!!! YAY – Well done puppies.

I think these puppies have been several paces ahead of me all throughout their time here at Marchstone but I have loved every minute of it, even through bleary eyes through lack of sleep.  The pups have bought an awful lot of pleasure.  I sincerely hope they bring their new owners much joy, little laughs at the things they do (like pouncing on a toy with sheer excitement…. curiosity killed the cat but what did it do to the pup?!!)  Molly has been able to enjoy her babies which to me has been the icing on the cake.  Molly found it so hard to be with her pups after she had finished feeding them, but to see her now really is an emotional experience.  Our beloved Molly has been fabulous.  I am so very proud of her as a dog, as a mum, most importantly as our special girl a pet.  A fantastic dog to enjoy on a walk, have cuddles with at home and the most perfect dog as a mum to her puppies.