6 weeks old and gathering momentum

Well.. I say they are gathering momentum, the heat has slowed them down. So the only time they are really quite fast is first thing in the morning and last thing at night!! I am hoping this hot weather is going to disappear soon as it is way too much for our precious bundles and is causing me anxiety.

So …. I am spraying them regularly with water and ensuring they have plenty of shade when they are in the garden. They are not in the garden for any length of time when the heat is making everything unbearable.

Summer has never been my season, as I have so many animals to ensure are kept safe from the heat it is a full time job in itself.

I always have doggy ice cubes in the freezer however I have had to modify them to accommodate the puppies teeth. So I have made thinner ice cubes for them. If they are too chunky it could cause damage to their teeth. I will try the modified ice cubes later. Fingers crossed they are ok and then I can make them some more.

We have had a busy weekend of visitors so it is hard to get the diary done in addition to making sure everything else is kept up to speed.

So… the pups are just doing fabulously. They are adorable and still a balanced litter with regard their characters.

Here are a “few” videos. (ha ha… more than the last time – so another bumper crop!)

Paddling pool I am using Katherine’s sled as a first stage paddling pool. Im hoping to put them in the small paddling pool soon. They love the little duckies!!!

Where would we be without Wilma?

Rapid and Repeated Attacks! The pups are pinging me with kisses! Love this so much!

Early Morning Capers

Wilma covered in puppies!

Drift away with the bubbles

Puppy play indoors as it is so hot outside!

Im so hungry!

Settling down to sleep

Cute puppa, Miss Yellow playing ball

Line up for Mumma kisses

Miss Yellow playing ball

Miss Pink strutting her stuff

Puppy play in the garden

Perfect relationship between Big Sister and Miss Purple

Referee needed for the hooligans!

Miss Red

Miss Orange

Nothing to see here!

Its ok I got it, this snake is history!

Miss Orange

Perfect spin

Early morning puppy playtime

Super puppy power

Early morning capers

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