Such Fun!

The puppies have ramped up a gear and have decided today is the day that the No List is opened. They were hanging off my trouser legs as I was putting them in the garden – let me tell you it is no easy feat to get puppies safely in the garden when they are under your feet and playing with your ankles and trousers!

So – toilet training…. going really well ! We are constantly putting the pups in and out of the pen into the garden. All poos are consistently in the garden. This mornings pen had only two wees in it from overnight – so this is a really good sign that they are hanging on! At not even six weeks old this is really remarkeable. Well done Puppies!

Here are a bumper set of videos!

Wilma Playtime

Tilly plays with her pups for the first time! This was a couple of days ago….Such a magical moment as Tilly has been finding it hard to spend time with them without them constantly wanting to feed, so this was a special moment as she has wanted to enjoy her pups!

Crazy puppa big sister Wilma

Beautiful Mumma Tilly

It takes patience to be a good Mumma

Puppa chewing on Mumma’s paw!

Wilma playing with Tilly!

Tilly playing with pup (so endearing to watch this stage of Tillys relationship developing!)

Plenty of puppy activity

Crazy antics

Love you Mumma

The NO list has been opened!!!

Puppy playtime

Wilma and Tilly enjoying the pups

Wilma on playtime duties

Puppies bouncing and skipping

Mum mum mummy mumma

True story camera operator attacked!

Wait for it – someone needed a kiss!

Puppy scampering

and saving the best till last – flight of the bumblebees