The Puppies are just over 3 weeks old!

There development is now racing ahead! They are playing with each other and also starting to pick up toys. It is just pure joy watching these puppies! They are making lots more woofing noises (which is just adorable!!!).

Today they have had two meals in addition to their Mumma’s milk.

We have now completed the course of worming, a daily dose of panacur for three days. They hated it but we got through it without event (no upset tummies). No worms have been seen! We routinely choose to worm from the age of three weeks, repeating worming every two weeks until they leave. We will continue our course of worming with Drontal suspension (which is one dose a day). Tilly also has to get wormed at the same time as any potential worms can pass through the milk.

Another milestone has been reached – they now have their deciduous teeth (baby teeth!) so they will definitely enjoy having something to hold on to as their teeth finish coming through! So more toys will get introduced now!

The puppies have had several short periods of time in the garden today and I am delighted to say they have started to explore already! This is amazing for such youngsters!

So toilet training has commenced – obviously at this stage we are very relaxed about it, as we are creating a habit for them. This helps our future owners as it means the puppies should have a pretty good idea that the garden is where they need to go for wee’s and poo’s. All six pups did a poop in the garden this morning, and 4 did a poop in the garden this afternoon! What a result! Im so pleased!

Here are a few videos!

Puppies leaning how to play

Feeding time with Mumma (on the living room floor rather than in the whelping box!) they had been having a little scamper about before they went to their Mum

Engaging with their litter mates and climbing over their Mumma

Confident pups in the garden

Wilma adores her siblings I get the feeling that Wilma is going to make a good Mumma in the future! (If we are lucky enough to proceed with Wilma as she hasnt had her hips and elbows scored yet!)