17 days old

so yesterday they were 17 days old!!

They are getting so busy! The pups are spending more time awake now, which is lovely as I am getting to see more and more of their beautiful eyes and tottering footsteps. They are walking with less falling over, it will become more steady as they get stronger. At just over two weeks old it is hard to even consider how far they have come in this short time!

They are getting so big that the yellow box previously used when weighing them has now been replaced with a washing basket!

Even this looks full !!!

They are so very cute, that whenever they are awake they are simply captivating.

I am still sleeping downstairs with the pups, so I have very broken sleep as I am waking up to check on them hourly and help Tilly whilst she settles down with them. Tilly is finding it harder to settle down easily as they are so big and mobile. Tilly also has got into the habit of expecting food before she goes in to feed them! (Tilly does need the extra nutrition however), Tilly is having high value food so that she doesn’t need to consume as much. (being mindful that too much food can have a negative result!). This means constant record keeping. Whilst some people may not keep a note of everything, I do as I then can refer back over the past few days or two weeks as to how much she has had and link it (if necessary) with what is happening with Tilly’s health. I know that Tilly is keeping well and healthy and equally can be instantly aware of any concerns.

It is very hard to keep loading up the videos (and saving them!!) when you are tired. I will try and get todays diary entry done today!!!

Here are yesterdays videos….

Just after being weighed

Cute little bundles

This is a seriously cute close up of the pups

Pop Goes The Weasel

Pups using each other as pillows!