15 days old :- The puppies are being super cute, with one pup now starting to wag their tail!

Here is a video at 15 days old as you can see they are pushing up off the vetbed. They are making little dog noises too – funny little woofs! So sweet! It is good to see these developments which show they are meeting their targets!

They are now doing some wee’s without being stimulated by Tilly. So my workload is about to increase!

Now 16 days old…..
Up until now the puppies have mainly been on eat, sleep and repeat mode. Today…everything has suddenly gone up a gear – the puppies are now starting to have periods of time awake in-between sleeping and feeding!

A few videos from today!

Tilly and Wilma with the pups
The beginnings of puppy play! totally on target for their milestone of puppy play movement !

Wilma and the pups

Too cute