1 day old squigglers!

Hi peeps – just a quick update…Mum and babes are doing well.

Puppies are thriving well and paddling about their little box gaining strength in their limbs.

Maggie has high nutritional needs so a chart is being followed of what to give her.  She is on four meals a day, plus scrambled eggs, cheese, natural yoghurt and various supplements.  Her fluid intake needs are very high, so this needs constant monitoring.

Maggie is a very attentive new mum.  The dynamics of our group of dogs is quite incredible to watch.  Molly (Granny) is not allowed anywhere near the puppies (at this point).  I can only summise this is due to the fact Molly might take over and Maggie is aware that Molly might well start telling her how to look after her own puppies (a bit like the mother inlaw problem some of us face when a certain amount of interfering occurs…hee wee).  The boys have instinctively kept out of the way.  During the labour Charlie and Stanley were upstairs (of their own free choice).

Melvin would love to see the puppies but so far hasn’t been brave enough to take a look, and Archie has used his common sense and only looked in the pen when he knew he could get away with it.

Our lodger doggy, Bunty has taken no interest in the pups whatsoever, so Maggie allows her to sleep on my bed next to the pen!

DSC_0033 DSC_0034 DSC_0037

DSC_0082 DSC_0604 DSC_0605


Cuteness overload – my favourite is of Maggie cuddling her babies (in-between her front legs!).

I will be creating an album for the photos – just experiencing a couple of technical difficulties!

A couple of little video clips…


arrival of last puppy

on a final note…. this photo made me laugh.  I walked into the kitchen to find this….


no further comment required!