Maggie has passed her BVA Eye Test

I am so pleased to be able to put this update up.  Today has been our final hurdle.  Maggie now holds a current eye certificate!  (although her previous eye certificate is still in date too!)

We proceed with our health testing with a certain amount of trepidation, caution and a lot of research goes into the decisions we make.  Obviously an eye test is fairly straight forward so when faced with trying to decide which health test to do, it has always seemed obvious to me to have the BVA Eye test done first.  The reason for the eye test being first – is that it isn’t invasive to the dog, so if you are going to fall at the first hurdle it may as well be one that hasn’t caused any worry in having it done (ie having bloods taken or anaesthetics) So last year at the very start of our health testing decisions, Maggie had her eye test done on the 1st of June.  As they are yearly tests it of course meant I needed to crack on with getting this test updated so we could then continue with a mating.

I have to make a point of saying that just because Maggie passed last year I couldn’t automatically assume she would pass again.  I am so pleased this hurdle has now been cleared as it now gives us the green light with our plans.

We now have to see how Maggie gets on with our chosen stud dog.