Family photos

DSC_0633DSC_0628My beautiful gang of Labradors, with a couple of extra dogs.

In the top photo
At the back on the bench is Stanley and Melvin
In the middle (L-R) ….Holly (Stanley’s full sister), Bunty (Melvin’s full sister),  Archie (Dad to Stanley and Holly), Charlie and Molly.
Front row – starring our Maggie!

Second photo – the kids!

On the bench – Stanley, Melvin and Maggie with Holly sitting on the floor!

Melvin did us proud yesterday – we went to our fun agility club and he ran the course with ease.  We hadn’t been for a while as the club had stopped the evening sessions over the winter.

I feel so lucky to own so many wonderful dogs, who all have different characters but love to have their cuddles at home and fun on a walk – what more could I ask for?

I have now booked Maggie eye test for Tuesday.  Wish us luck – this is our remaining hurdle as to whether we proceed for puppies or not.