We are enjoying the company of another little lamb!

Having had Frisky stay with us for a little while, I have been waiting for the opportunity of looking after another lamb again.  Frisky was one of triplets and we had her from a day old.  Frisky imprinted on to us very easily as she didn’t know anything else.  She followed us everywhere and responded to us calling her.  We now have a lamb who is already a week old.  We have named him Wilbaa!  Wilbaa, although doing well hasn’t (as yet) imprinted on us.  Im not sure if he will or not as he seems a little hesitant about us holding him!

Wilbaa was also one of triplets and was fostered on to another mum.  Usually when triplets are born it is common practice to foster a lamb out to a singleton mum.  In this particular case, the foster mum had twins.  Sadly both twins had died so she had plenty of milk to offer.  Unfortunately the fostering was unsuccessful.  So this is where I step in!

Wilbaa is now suckling really well from the bottle (although he doesn’t initially like the feel of the teat) and has a lovely skip around the living room!  Today he met the cat for the first time.  Maggie has been looking after Wilbaa by nurturing him.  It is so lovely to see her licking him and generally caring for him, getting anxious when she cant be with him!  So sweet!



DSC_0208Mitzi and Wilbaa




Katherine with her little lambie!