The pups are almost 12 weeks old!

Just a quick diary entry to remind everyone to change the feeding routine from four meals to THREE meals a day.

Take the overall total quantity of food they are used to having currently and now divide that into three!  So if they were on 120g a day then give them 40g per meal.

Please continue to assess your puppy as he or she develops so as to avoid a slide in weight be it under or over.  Contrary to advice I was given very recently by a vet who will remain nameless you CAN overfeed a puppy.  This will at the very least cause diarrhoea, but not only that a pup will become fat, have bad skin and discharges.  The purpose of the meals being divided into four is based on the size of the puppies stomach – now they are a little older they can manage three slightly larger meals.

It is worth mentioning that vets struggle with Labradors weight ranges as they seem to be unaware of the difference in body shape between the SHOW dog Labrador and the WORKING type Labrador.

Happy 12th Week Birthday Pups!