Worming day is here again!

Just a little reminder to worm your puppy, they can be wormed monthly from today. (monthly until 6months of age).

Maggie is doing brilliantly and so so confident!  She races about on a walk, doesn’t need to be in the thick of the pack, but quite happy to be up close to all dogs if she wants.  It is nice she doesn’t feel the need to have the security of her Mum and brothers!

Maggies recall is perfect and she sits very nicely and patiently.  We will be starting to teach her some distance on her stay very soon!

087 079

This is Maggie with her family.  Black Labs (L_R) Maggie, Charlie, Molly, Stanley and Archie.  Yellow Labs (L_R) Bunty and Melvin.

I have bought a “petcam” so watch this space!!!! I am hoping to see the dogs walks through their eyes (and see what they get up to when they are in the thick of a bush!).