Collar change!

Today has bought about the next phase of collars.  Usually I need to do this at about 7 weeks when the puppies become so active.  So the collars were changed today.

Miss Blue (Maggie) has gone back to PURPLE! (Stanleys old puppy collar!)

Miss Pink is still Miss Pink (but stripy…very sweet)

Peaches is a pale pink with brown spot (pretty and used on Peaches previously).

Mr Blue is still Mr Blue (but stripy – Melvins old Puppy collar).

Mr White is still Mr White

Mr Green – I struggled to get a macho green collar in the right size – so he now has an orange collar (but it is camouflaged and manly!! the green collar I have has daisy’s on it….)

Miss Red is Miss Red.

Katherine enjoyed some puppy cuddles before school today.


The puppies have been having a hoolie in the living room and now….they are asleep! bless them.  I love the puppy piles of contented snoozy pups!