Another busy day at Marchstone!

The pups have spent a lot of time playing in the garden, I have taken quite a few photos today so there will be some new pictures to see in the gallery.

I have now taken all seven puppies individually around the block.  I have done this for each puppy twice and hope to continue giving them the experience of the bigger wider world, whilst being protected safely in my arms.  This is an important part of their socialisation programme!

Tomorrow is vaccination day!  So hopefully this will be uneventful.  Will give them their first experience of being in a car as well as seeing a vet.

On collection day – please could my buyers bring their puppy packs back so I can add some information.  Please could you also have emergency contact numbers for your identichip registration.  Thank you!

This photo reminds me of a superhero coming in to save the day! (Mylo!!)


photos have been added to the gallery!