Sad News – Comet

It is with sadness I have to update to say our wonderful little rabbit Comet, has passed away.  He had a very happy life having the complete freedom of the garden.  I enjoyed seeing him hop, skip and jump about the garden.  In particular he played a great part in playing with the puppies each year, so sadly this year our puppies will miss out on this joy – he played puppy tag!

Run free in fields of clover Comet, we will all miss you.  I already miss not seeing you in your favourite parts of the garden.  For those that may be thinking he was “only” a rabbit, Comet was a part of our family.  At nearly seven years old he had a good time with us – far better than a lot of bunnies that don’t get any freedom.

Comet outlived his brother by four years, now he is together with Blitzen again.

I will remember how he always told Melvin off for getting into the chicken coup as he would chase him away with a grumble!!  My fondest memories are of him having lovely skips and jumps about the garden – behaving like a happy bunny.