24 days old! (4th April)

The time is flying by – I cant believe they are three and a half weeks old already!  I only have them for another four and a half weeks – so already we are almost at the halfway point.

One of the milestones I hadn’t updated on – was the ears!  The ear flaps start out as little buds that are closed, it does take a while for them to develop and they open bit by bit.  All the puppies ear flaps are open and appear to be working well.  I have done a little test (which is NOT in place of veterinary testing!!) to check they can hear – using a toy that sounds like a singing bird!  They all looked intently at the toy when the noise was made so hopefully this does indicate that all is well.

The milestone that is being reached and exceeded in a couple of the pups is teeth!  Two of our puppies have sharp little teeth!!! They are called deciduous teeth!  It wont be long before all of them will have needles for teeth!

The puppies are now getting two meals a day, which I will be building up to three in the next couple of days or so then up to four meals.  It is a gradual process and they are all taking to eating like a true Labrador (ie without hardly any encouragement!).

Colours of Collars!!

I have since changing them to the ribbon collars made a further adjustment to two of the collars.

Purple – went to a pale colour – which wasn’t photographing very well with the white collar pup…..so she is now wearing a turquoise collar. (black girl pup).

Orange – is now wearing a pale pink collar with green butterflies on – this is the collar that previous puppies have been nicknamed Peaches, which is far prettier than calling her Miss Orange. (yellow girl pup).

Here is a video of the puppies playing

Here is a video of Mr White