Three weeks old today!

The puppies are turning into bundles of mischief!!! Their play skills are developing before our eyes.  Every little moment treasured!  The puppies are now attempting to have little play fights and tug on to each others ears or tails!  It is really lovely to watch.  The puppies have now reached a stage of being able to stay awake after a meal to have some playtime before they fall asleep again!

Today was the day for giving them some puppy porridge.  Breeders often speak of puppy porridge and people may be a little confused as to what it actually is!  Basically it is soaked puppy kibble, that is then liquidised to a smooth consistency with some made up puppy formula (diluted with warm water) added to it.  Once the kibble has been liquidised it is wise to check the temperature before serving!  I try to keep the porridge mix warm at this stage so that it is more palatable.   The weaning process starts with offering the puppies a saucer of food to lap.  Needless to say … the puppies are 100% Labradors and guzzled their plate of porridge with no problems at all!  GOOD PUPPIES!  Molly watched intently to observe if the plates needed cleaning or puppies needed washing.

Miss Purple


Miss Pink


Miss Orange


Mr Blue

Mr White

Mr Green (little pudding!)


Miss Red


We hope to be putting the puppies in the garden in the next couple of days or so to start their toilet training!  Already the puppies are doing most of their wees at one end of the pen.  I thought it was a coincidence when I first saw them doing it, but they are definitely making the effort to wee away from where they sleep!  Bless their little hearts!

I will be adding photos to the gallery shortly!