Training with the woofs!

I have had a lovely walk with my five. I have set them a new challenge and hopefully soon I will be able to post a video of them achieving this soon….so whats the new challenge?

The challenge is called “Round I Go” in memory of Max who loved to play round you go.

I have all five dogs sitting.  I then walk clockwise around them.  They have to remain in a “stay” as the circle gets bigger.  Easy I hear you mutter!  Well I have obviously set the bar a notch higher to see if we can do it so I am calling one dog at a time, the dog has to follow me as I continue to walk clockwise.  the remaining dogs stay sitting until they are called.  The goal is to have all five of them waiting their turn to be called, to then walk clockwise behind me (playing follow the leader!) until all five woofs are following me!

Today they did achieve it, but it was a bit untidy so I need to tune them up a bit!  I was very pleased with how quick they catch on so hopefully I will have a video to show you all very soon!

Melvin and his fellow siblings are now 9 months old (yesterday) I am so happy with how Melvin has turned out that I hope everyone else is enjoying their puppies as much as I am.