Disclaimer – my Labradors are VERY athletic and…

I will not be held responsible for any of my puppy’s antics!!

I foresee a pattern forming, regarding Melvin’s leaping capabilities.

Today on our walk Melvin disappeared, when whistled he appeared in someones garden, at that precise moment he was actually between gardens as he was leaping the wall. (not a big wall prob about 5ft). So seeing Melvin’s entry into this garden I run over to see if I can get him out before we get caught with him trespassing. (you know how it is when your dogs do things you wish they hadnt!) He was “scrumping” the little toad!

The gate to the garden was padlocked so I decided the best option was to encourage Melvin to jump back into the first garden however as I walked in the direction of the first garden (my back turned on Melvin) I heard some scrabbling, so I turned round to an astonishing sight of Melvin at the top of a gate! he had managed to leap on to the gate and was making his way through it. (a very comical moment albeit a temporary comical moment).

It is a 6ft gate, slatted (vertically) with a bar running at the top (a gap between the slats and the bar of about 10-12 inches??) Melvin was trying to get through the gap.

Lucky for him he hadnt managed to reach the actual top of the gate as this was covered in nails poking upwards (It is illegal to do this, so I have now reported it to the council). BUT poor boy – his leg got stuck in the slats so I had to push him out of the gate knowing he was going to fall to the floor. He was panicking as he was in pain and wriggling so much I was worried he would break his leg. Pushing him in now results in us being back to square one <sigh> trapped.

So next option was to get him over the garden fence which luckily was lower than the gate but was obstructed by a massive pile of rotting fermenting (stinky) sludgey grass, we were standing in the grass sliding about trying to get a grip to stay upright whilst grabbing a dog on another side of the fence who by now was thinking he didnt want to come anywhere near us! aghh…luckily all’s well that ends well. I caught hold of Melvins collar whilst my husband managed to lean over and grab his body to pull him over to our side.

I checked him over and he has a graze on his leg – so nothing too bad thankgod. no swelling and no lameness.

I swear this dog’s invisible springs will be render me grey!

(he has been spotted on the top of a big shed before now and we havent sussed out he got to the top yet)