Melvin off lead!

We have been taking Melvin for his little walks which he is enjoying thoroughly.  He walks really well on the lead and then when he is off the lead he does stay relatively close.  He is enjoying all the new experiences and smells.  He is a very friendly boy and wants to say hello to everyone.  His tail wagging so fast with aniticpation of a cuddle!  Today he went up to a dog to say hello then came trotting back. 

Molly, Stanley, Archie, Charlie and Melvin at the front

We have taken him to a dog show and entered him in a couple of classes.  Im very pleased to say he came fifth in a class of 15 dogs – in obedience!  He walked really well on the lead, had to “stand” sit and down.  The down was slightly dodgy I must confess but the rest was rather good given it was his first experience in a showing environment!  Well done Melvin!