Melvin with Katherine at todays Dog Show

Today we went to a fun dog show, we had a really lovely time, entering lots of classes all proceeds went to charity. 

Here are todays results:

Fancy Dress – Fourth place (out of five dogs).  Dressed as Santa Paws!
Best Puppy – Fifth place (out of five dogs).
Best Pedigree Dog – Fifth place (out of six dogs).
Best Colour Coat – Third place (out of nine dogs).  Really pleased with that.
Most Handsome dog – no place – 13 dogs
Most Appealing Eyes – no place….out of 23 dogs, can you believe it?  This dog has the most amazing eyes I have ever seen in a dog!!! we were, quite frankly, ROBBED!
Best Junior Handler – no place, which was a real shame as Katherine did so well, keeping a nice slack lead and praising Melvin when he deserved it. (out of 13 entrants).
Dog Judge woud like to take home – FIRST PLACE!!!!!!! out of a whopping 18 dogs.  Im so pleased!!!

To see Katherine’s face light up when she was given her red rosette was fabulous!  She told me she hadnt expected to get picked which made the moment even better really. 

Well done to Katherine and Melvin!

We have had a wonderful day out and Melvin has now crashed out on the sofa.