Molly’s “fluttering” tummy! 59 days with video clip

I thought I would try and convey a little of what we are seeing with the puppies.  We can feel them rolling around and wriggling away, but we can also see them moving too!

Here is a short video clip of Molly’s tummy!

moving puppies 59days 

I hope you enjoy seeing the clip as much as we enjoy watching Molly’s “enormous” tummy!  We are not used to our slender girl being so big!

Molly is progressing really well.  No signs of nesting yet but we have seen some signs that things are moving along a little bit.  Her tummy shape has changed as though it has dropped a little bit. 

Update 9pm. Molly has just started nesting!! awww bless. 

More news when it all happens – not long to go now! very exciting!