8 days old

The puppies are so delightful. Im thoroughly enjoying cuddles with them.

The layout of our set up of the whelping box means that Tilly can come and go from the puppies as she pleases, so she is now having a well deserved break from her puppies between feeds. She chooses to sit just outside the box and watches them!!

Tilly will need to continue with the high level of food intake all whilst she is feeding the puppies – she really loves the silver service treatment of having her food delivered to her! Currently she is having 4 meals a day with extras such as cheese, nutriplus gel and goats milk. It is important to ensure the meals are spread out otherwise Tilly would get an upset tummy. If she was feeding more puppies she would need a higher nutritional intake!!

Here are a couple of videos from today for you to enjoy!



I have some photos to upload from Friday (6 days old) I always have problems with data being swallowed up on my various devices which then makes it hard to upload photos as both my laptop and my mobile have very little memory left!!! (I have ordered another external hard drive to cope!!) so watch this space for some photos!