The development of the unborn pup!

Just to give you a little bit of a window into Maggie’s tummy!

Over the past five weeks a lot of changes will have been taking place.

The fertilised eggs do not attach to the uterus until approximately 19 days.  By the third week of pregnancy the embryos will be 5mm long, they progress in the following week to have developed little buds which will develop into their legs!  In the space of that one week they will have grown rapidly, growing four times in size!  They are now 20mm!

The stage Maggie is at now – her puppies will have developed eyelids and ear flaps (though they are not flaps they are very small buds).  The growth is still rapid as they will have reached approximately 35mm.

Maggie is fine in herself, enjoying plenty of cuddles.  We haven’t increased her food yet as this will only slow her fitness levels down at this stage, which is not desirable when we need her to continue being fit, not fat!

We do give her the folic acid supplement – which she has had since day one of her season.

Here is Maggie’s scan picture – taken at four and a half weeks.