Final Tally

We have six beautiful puppies and Maggie is doing a fabulous job.  It is amazing how mother nature works and the natural instincts kick in.

Maggie started first stage labour yesterday afternoon, was very quiet but panting periodically.  The nesting instincts were increasing as she fussed over a variety of beds.


This morning she was sick a few times as the contractions had started to get stronger.  When she had contractions she hid her head into the edge of Charlies bed – poor girl.  I am so very proud of her, I had worried about how she would cope with labour – but cope she did and she is doing fabulously.

Maggie decided that the best place to have her puppies was in Charlie’s bed!  We were able to move Maggie and her puppies after she had four pups.


Yellow Dog born at 11.40am, weighing : 13.5oz
Black Dog born at 12.00pm, weighing : 13.7oz
Black Bitch born at 12.20pm, weighing : 10.9oz
Yellow Dog born at 12.40pm, weighing : 13.3oz
Black Dog born at 1.20pm, weighing : 13.9oz
Black Dog born at 1.50pm, weighing : 14.4oz

Puppy number two being born!

Two newborns with their mum

Maggie with five noisy puppies!

Maggie with Mr Yellow safely under her wing!

Mr Purple being born!

DSC_0048Maggie is having extra dinners and in effort to keep the nutrition levels up to speed she had complan with her meal tonight.  Bless her heart.  Love this little one with all my heart!