Maggie is 8 weeks – update on the development of her unborn pups!

IMG_0452 (2)Maggie is looking lovely and healthy.  The pups are moving about and very easy to feel  from the outside of her tummy.  We can also see the movement very easily.  This evening, finally I got to hear  puppy heartbeat – the heartbeat is very fast – and so magical to hear!

The puppies will now be roughly 15cm long, the hair will be growing and the pads will have formed.

Maggie is sleeping heavily and having active dreams – poor girl – she is making lots of little noises the last few evenings.  Her pregnancy hormones are having an impact on her sleeping!  Which…. has to be said – I am now in puppy mode as I am now dreaming about puppies too!

Maggie has been doing a little bit of nesting but she isn’t in labour yet.  She has just felt the need to scratch up her bed every evening which is something she has never done before.