Molly is enjoying her puppies

Molly loves playing with her puppies, something that is always a bit tricky for her when they are all trying to suckle from her.  Once she gets the nack of getting them to leave her alone she does like to play with them.

She has spent quite a bit of today playing with them and it is the sweetest thing to watch!

I have had lots of photos of Mylo and Scrumpy settling in to their new homes.  Star is doing very well and was having a trip out round the block today (as indeed I think Scrumpy has had a little trip outside too!).  Cash (Mr White) is settling in but his bigger brother is taking a little time being 100% sure of him!  Im sure it will all work out very soon!

A big well done to Scrumpy for sleeping through most of last night.  We are ALL very proud of you!

I must say thank you to Star’s owner for giving us a FAB cake.  It didn’t last long at all as it was so very tasty indeed.  YUM YUM!  We loved the icing effect of the star on top!  Thank you also for all the other nibbles you have given us and the dogs. (they say WOOF WOOF!!).  As well as the beautiful wooden heart.

I have added more photos to the gallery.  Some of the photos have somehow slipped out of order so please look through a few pages to ensure you have seen all of the newest ones.  (some you will have seen but they have managed to get in front of some the new photos).