A lovely Surprise for Mylo’s owners!

Whoever said I cant keep a secret….they are wrong!!!!  As I can ! and here is the proof….Mylo’s owners (blue pup!) have come to collect their little boy and I was able to reveal a lovely surprise for them. A  Cilla Black moment – I almost said Surprise Surprise!!  Anyway…… the surprise was that the puppy had been paid for by Nick’s Dad when little Mylo was only 10 days old!!!

It was really lovely to see the look of sheer disbelief when I said I had some good news for them, I dont want your money and in fact we owed them some money!!

Thank you to Nicks Dad for such a wonderful wedding gift, and we all at Marchstone wish Nick and Fay a very happy life together with their daughter Rosie and new addition Mylo.

Good luck Mylo in your new home – remember the pep talk!

I have heard back from Scrumpy’s owners (pink puppy) and she has been very good so far, a little unsettled in the night, but I think she will be fine tonight (have faith!).