The puppies have been in the garden!

The puppies have had their first experience of the garden today.  At this stage I take it very slowly as the garden would appear enormous to the little ones.  They were very brave and started to explore a little!  I have got some smashing photos!

The puppies first time in the garden!

here is an utterly cute photo!!

Mr White and Miss Pink! awwwwww so cute!


The puppies have had the collars upgraded to the lovely ribbon collars.  They have changed as follows:

Purple – Pale Blue with butterflies

Pink – Pink with flowers

Orange – Orange with white dots

Blue – Blue with white dots

White – White with little black flowers

Green – Pale Green with circles

Red – Red!  (her collar had changed a little while ago so she had already been wearing her ribbon collar!)

The main change being the purple as I didn’t have another purple collar – so obviously she needed a pretty one so this is why she got the pale blue with butterflies on it!

(unfortunately pink is underneath the puppy pile in this photo)
Here is a picture of the new collars

Pretty Collars!