Molly is 59 days pregnant

I have taken a few photos today as it is the Puppies of 2011 Birthday – which means Melvin and his brothers and sisters are now 2 years old!

So happy birthday to Sam, Marley, Bunty, Summer, Melvin, Amber, Rocky and Tess.

Molly’s tummy has changed shape – it has dropped down, which is a sign of things preparing to move along.  I have compared notes and it is looking like we might be on for puppies in a couple of days time!!

Our first litter came at 63 days, but the second and third litter came at 61 days!!!!  (with the second litter showing signs of nesting on the 59th day!!!)  We havent had any nesting (yet) from Molly but bless her, she has slowed down so much!  We have decided restricted exercise only from now on.  She seems alot heavier than in previous pregnancies.


Molly 59 days pregnant


Melvin being Melvin! on his 2nd Birthday!


Molly, Stanley, Melvin, Archie and Charlie


A square Molly!

We have been making the most of feeling the puppies wiggling around, it is a strange feeling but really nice to feel the ripples of movement beneath your hand.  We can also hear the heartbeats quite easily with a stethoscope!

Not long now Mollydolly darling!  xx