Update on Molly at 39 days

Molly is now 39 days pregnant and doing amazingly well.  She is getting a little extra hungry now so I have upped her food a little bit.  It is important to not increase quantities too quickly.  Otherwise we will just end up with a fat dog who needs to lose weight after she has her puppies.  It is about getting the balance right and knowing your dog!

At 39 days pregnant, the tummy, if a reasonable size litter should be at this time showing signs of getting bigger!  (Molly’s tummy has been getting noticeably bigger since 27 days).  The teats will also be “pointy”

We are almost at the stage where we can anticipate rapid developement of the foetuses.

I have been comparing photos from previous litters and she looks like she is 6 weeks pregnant already (based on the litter with 8 puppies)!  So this hopefully is a good sign of a reasonable size litter.