Mayhem at Marchstone!

Our wonderful puppies are doing really well with their toilet training.  We get them out into the garden as quick as we can and so far, for the past couple of days we havent had any accidents in the house.  We have the pups playing for about half an hour at a time in the living room and they have been very good.  No little piddles!

This morning I was putting the puppies out in the garden, to be faced with one of our chickens who escaped the coup.  As the puppy races up to say hello with sheer delight at meeting a new pal (just like puppies do!) I then realised we had more than just Doris out, but Ellie, Nanny Fox and also Matilda were in the garden pecking up the grass.

Needless to say trying to catch four chickens whilst having four pups under your feet wasnt an easy one and rather funny too!

So I decided I would feed the puppies to adress their focus and attention elsewhere!!! So I could then catch the chickens with the help of Katherine (who is the EXPERT at catching the feathered creatures!!!).

Later today we will be worming the puppies so that will be another hectic time trying to get the liquid in their mouths and not on their coats or on the floor!

Wish me luck :0)