Puppy Mayhem!

Our adorable puppies are creating mischief and mayhem!  I have now had to totally re-puppy proof my garden!! The little tinkers have got into the chicken coup (several times!!)  so now I have had to make a few modificatons to the fencing and hopefully all will be well.  Only time will tell as to whether my DIY efforts have been worthwhile!!!!

We are at the stage where the puppies are busy, rushing about, scampering and playing – so we are having to be very careful when we are walking as they are getting under our feet quite easily!

This afternoon the puppies had plenty of playtime in the garden, then whilst we had our dinner they spent some more freetime in the kitchen!  Adorable little monkeys that are definitely going to break my heart BUT make someone’s life fulfilled!

Tomorrow the puppies will be 6 weeks old – where has the time gone?  not long before they will be leaving our home.  :0(

I hope to be uploading some photos and videos very soon!